Why has agility taken off so well?

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Agility is such a great way to really bond with your dog. They learn by following your body language. Something dogs were born to do.

When you start to teach yourself and dog how to maneuver the course and obstacles it is incredible to see the light go on in the dogs’ head when they get it. Dogs become more confident with their own body placement, we become more aware of our ability do things. I myself am much more confident in an agility ring than an obedience ring.

The best part of working in agility is that it is open to all dogs; mixed, rare,and pure breeds. All those over sized or under sized breed dogs are very welcome. (even mis-marked Boston’s!) At this point AKC is the only organization that does not allow mixed breeds or rare breeds not recognized by them to compete in their performance sports.

Written on Wednesday, 15 July 2009 15:21 by Administrator

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